Corporate Group Photography of Shenton Wealth

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Board of Directors of Shenton Wealth Holdings

We received a call in the afternoon, 2nd day went for location scouting, 3rd day photo shoot. That’s how fast we work… not for all projects, but that was how this project happened really. Most projects were planned weeks in advanced if not, a week, at least that’s what we prefer so that we can prepare better.

Shenton Wealth Holdings, a real estate company needed a complete Corporate Photograph done for the first time. We were very happy to be commissioned by them because we could also help them to create and standardize a corporate image for them, ‘branding’, that’s what we do beside Photography. The whole team were fantastic to work with, they were cooperative, fun, and relaxed.


There are two types of styles for Corporate Photography, let me walk you through.

Studio Portrait

Usually clean plain backdrop. It looks like the portrait has been shot in a photographer’s studio but in fact it can be in anywhere. ‘Studio’ simple means a big enough empty space for work. As long as the space is appropriate and suitable to set up for the photographer to do the work, anywhere is possible. It’s uncommon for us to create a ‘studio’ in the conference room or empty space on site.

Impression of this look: clean, polished, isolated, and stark

Environmental Portrait

The backdrop or the surrounding reflects the nature environment of the profession. Such as the group portrait above, the chosen backdrop is a blend of old and new buildings, reflects the wide variety of properties the company handles. As straightforward as the term Environmental Portrait, it’s a portrait photograph in its environment.

Impression of this look: association, connection, lifestyle, and natural

Different photograph speak differently. If you are not sure which style is most suitable for you, consult as and we will conceptualize for you.


Date: 10th Oct 2013 Client: Shenton Wealth Holdings